Thursday, June 16, 2011


We live in a country that is paperwork happy. You "can't swing a dead cat around" without have to fill out paperwork. Sooo- today was my day. Paperwork. Changing my name on legal documents...

This is where we started out the morning. At the Tag Office! When we came in we found that an out of state titled car has to be inspected. So we did that first. Then I took a number. My number was 84 and when we first started, the number showing on this sign was 63.....But the wait wasn't as long as you might expect about an hour later they called my number.

At this office the paperwork I needed was my Oklahoma vehicle title, lien release for my car, insurance verification, and marriage license. Now I have a Kansas plate and a Kansas title coming in the mail in a couple of weeks!

Then we headed clear across town in the pouring rain to this office:

Paperwork needed here was my birth certificate, my old drivers license, my marriage license, and proof of where I live now. Where I live now?  - my new vehicle registration had my new address so that worked.

After an hour in this office, which included all the above paperwork, money passing hands and a new picture, I left with the promise of getting my new driver's license in the mail - in a few weeks!

Andru was along with us and had stayed up late last night with a buddy spending the night, so he wasn't very "engaged" in our trip.

But by now, he was ready for some fast food! It was noon and we knew we needed to get through the lunch hour before heading to the next office so we stopped and had some lunch.

Then we headed across town again to this office:

In here, I needed, proof of the name I used before I got married, marriage license, birth certificate and social security card.  Went in, took a number, no pictures allowed inside building (!) and believe it or not - the wait here was the shortest of all! I left with the promise of getting my new social security card in the mail in a few weeks!

Randy was my driver for the day!

All in all a good day. After 6 hours I came home with:

Most of the paperwork I started out with!
Less money!
Receipts for leaving the money!
And lots of promises that I would receive NEW paperwork in the mail..... 


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  1. I hear ya. I never knew there was such a long paper trail following each of us around until I had to go through these past nine months. Ridiculous. And just think, Jesus never even had a driver's license or a social security card OR a marriage license OR a cell phone and still had a very interesting and fulfilling life. Imagine that.