Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life @ grammy's - Day 3 of VBS

I've found that I don't have time to take pictures at VBS.
So I'm trying to get a shot at the end of each day.
The guys are waiting on Josie while she is socializing!

When we got home I told the kids they needed to rest for awhile since 
After an hour and a half of rest we headed to the pool.

They weren't sure the pool sounded as much fun as the zoo... but we went anyway.

Josie and Randy had a great time on the lazy river.

Riley and Andru on the lazy river.

Josie just coming out of the red slide and Riley with Andru finishing the lazy river.

I discovered today, that even though Josie doesn't swim, 
she loves the water activities and though sometimes reluctant at first
she is usually eager to try new things.

Andru will do the extra activities, but he would rather just swim and play in the water.

Now Riley - He loved this rope activity.
He set his own record of doing this 31 times!!
He had to stop because his hands were hurting!

We worked hard to keep our cute redhead from sunburning.

We have had such a good week with wonderful grandkids.
They have all been very well behaved and the "skirmishes" are minor and few.

I took way too many pictures at the pool but it was just so much fun watching them play and have such a good time. We are making some GREAT memories and I'm so very thankful Riley and Josie could come and spend some time with us. I have enjoyed watching Randy form a relationship with these two very special young people.


  1. What a cool place! I'm jealous! It's exciting to see Randy and Andru bonding with Riley & Jo.

  2. Anxious to talk with you soon...