Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life @ Grammy's - Day 4 in Branson

Let me introduce you to our dining guests for the evening.
The gentleman on the left works at the Empire State Building.
The one in the middle is a member of the Mafia.
(we had to be very careful because he likes to shoot people)
The distinguished lady on the right is a lawyer.

After a fun filled - tiring day, the kids spent about an hour at the pool and now they are playing. Randy and I are thinking an early bedtime may be on the schedule for tonight.

 We spent today at the lake in a pontoon boat. Andru does this every year and it's one of his favorite things. 

 Andru is part fish - part boy.

Riley was our Flag man. When we stopped and had someone in the water
it was his responsibility to make sure the orange flag was out.
He also spotted other boats with orange flags out.

He did a great job. Especially for someone that is not a water lover.
Now, I want to show you Josie's progression throughout the day.

Randy did some GREAT training on the life vest and how to be in the water.

I'm so proud of her. She did such a good job!
Then she decided she wanted to ride the tube.
I did NOT want her riding alone.
Randy had to drive the boat.
I felt Andru wasn't the best choice.
Soooo -

Just in case you don't comprehend -
I don't think God intended for people to be in water....
Okay, so now I'm getting a sermon from my husband :)
He brought up Baptism -
I say: which is down and up quickly.... AND you can touch the bottom...
Then he brought up the whole "Jesus walking on water"
I say: ..... UMMM He was ON TOP of the water - not getting in the water...

I think I should win this discussion...
(but I'm going to let him think he wins)

Anyway, we had another great day of great memories. 

It's always good to leave your comfort zone - once in a while.
I just don't want to do it too often!

P.S. Randy says he won't parachute with me. He says he wouldn't jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

hmmm - that's exactly what I say about a boat!!

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