Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life @ Grammy's - Day 2 in Branson

We started our Monday by going to “Breakfast With the Stars” at the clubhouse of the condo where we stay.

Josie and Riley were still on that excitement buzz that kids get when they are so excited about something but they aren’t sure what it is. Andru has been coming here once a year since he was three and he loves this place so his excitement was strong but different than the other two. He was thrilled to be able to “show” them Branson and he wants them to love it as much as he does. For the last week or so before we came, Andru kept saying he couldn’t wait to get to Branson because it smells so good here.  He says, there is no air like Branson air!

Anyway back to my story:
We got a great breakfast with lots of entertainment. Several performers from the shows come and do one or two numbers. Well, my granddaughter is NOT shy!! She had such a great time, getting autographs and talking to the stars. After she had gotten several, Andru got in on it and got some autographs himself.  Riley wasn’t interested in the autographs – except for the young men from Legend of Kungfu but he really enjoyed listening to the performers.

Jeanna from the #1 Hits of the 60"s 

  The Dutton's

I believe my 13 year old is smitten with Cassandre'!!
The best part of Andru and Josie talking with Cassandra'
was them coming back to the table telling us how good she smelled!! :)

(she was wearing Thieves from essential oils!
Josie told me that's what she smelled like so I told her to go ask what it was and JOSIE WAS RIGHT!!) (that girl cracks me up!!)

Josie really wanted to go to the #1 Hits of the 60's. So that was the first show we went to.

Remember me telling you about Josie being on stage at VBS everyday singing? Well, that just prepared her for the BIG TIME!! We will probably be coming to Branson in 10 years to watch our grandkids perform! Andru has a very great talent of singing and he has always said he wants to work in Branson! Now I think Josie will too!! 

They picked people from the audience to come on stage to dance! 
This time she didn't volunteer, they just picked her!

From there we went to ride  Segways.  Josie didn’t weigh enough to ride, Riley was 10 lbs short of being able to ride, they told him he could but he chose not to. That left Andru to ride by himself. He was pretty disappointed that no one else was sharing in his fun.

After dinner - where the singing waitress sang to Riley and the waiter sang to Josie - Andru made sure he told them it was Riley and Josie's first time there - we went to the Wax Museum.

Randy is giving advice to James Dean!

(Oh, I left out the picture of me with bunny ears reclining on a round red velvet bed beside Hugh Hefner!!!! I'm not sure the world is ready for that one!)

Then we headed next door to the house of mirrors. Now let me explain here that the kids think they can run ahead and do what they want.  So they took off - ahead of us. There is a story that is on the walls before you enter the hall of mirrors.  Randy and I read that as we were entering so the kids by now were way ahead. Randy and I hadn’t been in very long and all of a sudden we hear screaming “GRAMMY”.  Riley had panicked and gotten scared. Didn’t take long – like seconds before they were all screaming….   Of course, did I explain that I am NOT a fan of house of mirrors? I can’t find my way in a parking lot half the time and your putting me in hallways with mirrors????  So Randy and I are yelling “Don’t move” we will find you…
Anyway to make a long short (actually it was only a few minutes – well, not even a few minutes – just a few seconds and we found them – EVEN THOUGH THEY WEREN’T STAYING IN ONE PLACE!!

So, we immediately left there. Once it was over, Riley and Andru were relieved to be out in the parking lot but I’m afraid Josie inherited one of my traits  – once it was over, and she was out and safe and all her people were safe, she started crying!! I used to do that. I would stand firm in a crisis or emergency and once it was over,  then I would  let down and cry!!

So - all in all a very exciting time!!! 

But we ended the day with one of the best shows in Branson – The Dutton’s. I got to sit between Randy and Riley and I must say I was very surprised at how much Riley enjoyed the show. Of course the two “performers” of the family, Andru and Josie loved it but to watch Riley clapping and laughing  just made my day!

We got back to the condo – I am exhausted!!! But I ended my day in the best way ever. Reliving every memory with Randy!!

I am blessed.

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