Friday, June 17, 2011

My name is .........

 Yesterday was "name change" day. I wrote about it here . Now I'm going to tell you about the interesting part of the day! It all started at this counter.

This is where things got interesting....

I'm 58 and 5 months. I was named Brenda Kaye Louthan at my birth. (My mom wanted to name me Denise but my dad didn't! - so of course, I've always thought Denise was a much prettier name.. and Brenda - well, not so much!) Anyway, sorry, back to the subject -

I went by Brenda Kaye Doane after my Mom married my step dad. Then in 1972 I married and took the last name of my husband and for 39 years I was Brenda Kaye Larsen. 

For 48 days now, I've been Brenda Kaye Cohorn. :)  which still makes me smile!

The man doing the paperwork to give me my new Kansas drivers license - the man behind the counter, looked at my paperwork, and casually said, "Your name on all of your paperwork is spelled incorrectly. On your birth certificate your middle name is spelled K.A.Y."  I said "WHAT?" really thinking he must be a dufus. (I apologize here for thinking anyone would be a dufus....) (and you know how much paperwork we're talking about here from my previous post... a lifetime of paperwork)

I thought he must be mistaken - but he wasn't. All my life, my name has been spelled incorrectly!!  He said he would have to spell it correctly on my driver's license.

So, now I'm someone different than the woman that went into to the Kansas Driver's License Office!!

When I finished I immediately called my Mom... She said it's supposed to be Kaye! But my original certificate says K.A.Y.  At least I was relieved that I hadn't just mistakenly spelled my name incorrectly all these years! I use my age as an excuse for those type of mistakes! 

So I now introduce myself as

Brenda Kay Cohorn

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  1. It seems funny to me that Brenda spent most of the first 58 years and 5 months of her life in Oklahoma and she had to come to Kansas to get the correct spelling of her name. Could this be an environment issue?