Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life @ Grammy's - Day 3 in Branson

We had planned to take a boat out today, but weather forecast didn't sound good for boating. So we spent the morning at the pool. Randy got the kids some good life jackets and decided this was a good time to teach them some water safety before the boat trip.  So he taught Josie how to float - plus many other points of safety.  Riley was already a water bug but Randy taught him how to be in the water with a life jacket.

We all had a nice relaxing time. We then went to The Titanic Museum which was very interesting. I really enjoyed it. Looking at it from the outside it almost looks like an amusement ride. It's not like that at all. Very informative - the kids enjoyed it, too. - This is one of Andru's favorite museum's.
When you start out in this museum, you get a paper with your name and information of a passenger of the Titanic, at the very end you find out if you survived or perished. - Josie got the most interesting, she was Margaret Brown - better known as the Unsinkable Molly Brown! I was Edith Brown, 15, no relation to Molly. At the end, Randy and Andru perished, Riley, Josie and I survived.
 The sun was bright! No pictures allowed inside the Titanic Museum.

Then we went to McFarlain's for dinner. This is a favorite place for Randy and I. They have the BEST chicken pot pie! and homemade fruit pies. From there another of my favorite things - NOAH the musical. I was so excited to take my grandkids to this! 

It was a hit with all. Andru, Randy and I had seen it before. Josie said she liked it even better than the "Hit's of the 60's" - and she starred in that!! :)  Riley said he liked it as much as the Dutton's !! So - a big hit.

It was a fairly relaxing day. Wednesday - weather permitting - boating on the lake!! I am not a "water" person so prayers will be appreciated!!

Just as an added bit of information - when you take 3 kids swimming for several hours, and they want grilled cheese for lunch, you may need more than 1 full loaf of bread and package of cheese.... Appetites are HUGE!!

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