Saturday, June 11, 2011

Farmers' Market

 Almost every Saturday morning, we go to the Farmers' Market at 21st and Ridge Road. 

Each week it gets busier and busier!
The vegetables get prettier and more abundant!
It's fun to walk up and down the rows seeing all the goods for sale .

There are 5 rows of venders.
With much more than fruits and vegetables for sale.

Venders selling baked goods, garden plants,
houseplants, flowers, knitted items, wood items,
items made from ostrich and emu,
and many herbs.

Cut flowers and more baked goods.

I'm a creature of habit. Always have been.
Our first week at the market, we bought onions and radishes
from this couple from Burrton, Kansas. 
They come to this market every Saturday from
mid - May through mid - September.
He's the main gardener and she helps him.


This week I bought tomatoes from these 
shy - very responsible young women. 
This is the first time I've seen them at the market but their tomatoes are delicious.

We saw a vendor with pottery, many with honey,
(some Saturday, if they aren't so busy, I want to find out if any of these
Honey venders have their own bee hives.) 

This creative man makes "yard art."
It was amazing to see his creative "produce".
He was VERY busy and I didn't get a chance to visit with him either.

I have a tendency to stay away from the vendors that seem to do things in mass. I like the ones with the couples that are working to make some extra money, retired people adding extra income to their fixed income, or doing it as a hobby, or young people working hard to become responsible. - and of course to make some money! There is that added benefit!

We had a good time looking and walking -
the weather today is BEAUTIFUL! 
So all in all - we had a great time.

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  1. We were at this Farmers' Market just two weeks ago! We love it!