Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life @ Grammy's - On the road

I probably could take these three grandchildren on the road as actors. Much drama often happens when you have cousins aged 13, 11 and 9.  However,  for the most part it's not in arguing or fighting, it's playing pretend. Many apartments have been rented, offices have given interviews, fishermen have fished, models have modeled, plays been acted out.

Well, today we took this troop on the road. We left Wichita about 8:25 and headed east and south to wind up in Branson.  We went through Joplin and I thought of taking pictures, but the pictures I would have gotten are nothing like the ones that we have seen on the internet. Being familiar with Joplin I was so sad to see the changes that the storm made there. I can see how the people are slowly regrouping and beginning again. It was quite a moving visit. After leaving Joplin Josie called her mom and told her it was very sad to see what we had seen.

The boys slept much of the trip, Josie slept only alittle. We have a dvr in the van but unfortunately only one of our movies worked. So they watched the Bee movie three times!

We finally :) made it to Branson. I was so tired. I stayed up too late last night doing laundry. - Well, late for me anyway! It was 11:00!  When we got here, Randy took the kids swimming and I went to the grocery store.

When I got back we fixed dinner and then went back to the pool.

I have had such a good time with the kids. I enjoyed taking them to VBS, and all the fun things we did last week. It's been fun getting to know them better.

When we first got to Branson, Riley wasn't very happy because he doesn't like heights and he wasn't prepared for the Ozark Mountains. I didn't even think of that when we came. Then when we got to the condo, we have one that is on the bottom floor of a three story, - except that the top story is the one on the ground level, it is built on one of the mountains. So we have three levels of outside stairs to go down to get to our front door.

He wasn't happy. He told me he wasn't comfortable with this. I was trying to unload the van  when he told me, my arms were full, the others had already started down the stairs with their load. I couldn't even give him a full hug, just a one armed hug and my hand was holding a case.  So I told him to stay there at the van and I would come right back up. In the meantime, he had the opportunity to look around without little sister telling him what to do, without bigger cousin telling him what to do and without any grownups trying to talk him into trying the walk down,  by the time I came back up he said, "I'm okay, I'll go down the stairs holding your hand." Well, after the first set of stairs he ran off and left me! He told me later, I'm not afraid of heights anymore! I am so proud of that young boy! I told him, Riley, your Dad and Mom are going to be so proud of you! He beamed.

Ours is on the bottom.

I'm excited to go into this week rested - had a nice long jacuzzi bath tonight!! and am planning on a good nights sleep.

I've never had the opportunity before to spend so much time with my grandkids and I am truly having  a good time. I am tired beyond belief but having fun!!

I would like to be able to write poetically like my friend Debra, or to be funny like I usually try to be, but tonight, what I've written is all I have left to give!! I hear that bed callin' my name.

Oh speaking of names, I'll just add this. For some reason, Randy keeps calling Josie - Jody! and instead of calling me "grammy" he calls me granny. Josie keeps saying, "Granny is for old women and Grammy isn't old."  Man, I love that girl!! At first with the whole Jody thing - she would correct him, now she just rolls her eyes!!       good times...

Okay, NOW I'm going to bed.

God has blessed me so much.

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