Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life @ grammy's - Day 2 of VBS

The girl can dance! And her hair has a mind of it's own while she's dancing!

The boys can dance, too! 
They are having a GREAT week at VBS!

Riley doing crafts. - or at least thinking about doing crafts.

Came home for lunch and had 15 extra minutes and
so Riley went out to fish again!
Then we picked up one of Josie's friends from VBS and headed to the zoo.
The 6 of us met Michelle there and had a great time!

Sorry - Michelle and Randy never slowed down enough for a photo op!!!

Grammy :) has too many pictures to post but I'll put a few!
It's easier to blog this week with pictures than to find the time -
or energy to write!
I am pooped!

This lion was amazing! 
At first he stood on this "mountain" and roared over and over.
He was making sure all in the zoo knew he was the King.
He put on quite a show for us.

Great day at the zoo! Such well behaved - nice looking kids!




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