Sunday, September 1, 2013

WELCOME to Stephanie Bean - Guest Blogger for September 30 Day Photo Challenge

my name is stephanie bean.  i reside in oklahoma....& here's a little info 'bout me:

in january of this year, i quit my day job & became a full-time homemaker...a dream come true!  i'm a proud firefighter's wife & a happy mommy to our sweetheart of a baby boy.  i'm a Jesus-follower, an admirer of vintage/antiques, tend to procrastinate (even with many lists/goals), have one crazy sweet tooth (thanks dad!), am learning to live a more simple life, & overall, a shy-but-friendly gal.  my hobbies include crafting, baking, organizing, coffee shops, road-trips, perusing blogs, board games (for fun!  i'm so not competitive), & journaling.

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