Monday, February 10, 2014

Weather in Kansas…..

Remember me posting the efforts of A. last week?

Snow Day 02-05-2014 (9)          Completed Project by Andru 02-06-2014 (2)

He made our drive easier to get into and out of from the garage. He loved being out of school for 3 snow days!!!

Then this morning:

4 more inches 02-10-2014 (1)
4 More Inches

I don’t mind this weather when I can stay home! But when I need to get out it’s not my cuppa tea!!!


  1. It sure looks cold! I would want to stay home too, with that type of weather. I'm sure many school children were delighted to have the snow days, how exciting for them!

    1. Today the snow should start a bit of melting. It is supposed to get up into the 30's. Then by the weekend we are looking at 40's and 50's. So THEN we will have MUD!!! :)