Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day

I’m retired but for some reason “Snow Day” still gives me excitement! Not sure why but I love to be able to stay home all day without having to get out for anything. – Have I ever told you that I’m a homebody?

Today is our second snow day! At least I put my clothes on today! Yesterday I stayed in warm pajamas and robe! It was a wonderful day! I had stew in the crock pot and spent all day reading. What a great way to spend the day!!

8oclock Snow Storm 02042014 (5)          10oclock Snow Storm 01042014 (2)

12oclock Snow Storm 02-04-2014 (2)          2oclock Snow Storm 02-04-2014 (2)

4oclock Snow Storm 02-04-2014 (4)          6oclock Snow Storm 02-04-2014 (3)

Not much change after noon but it did continue to snow off and on until late evening.  Beautiful!!

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