Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Season of Advent

I remember waiting for the birth of my children. The excitement. The anticipation. I would get to the point of such excitement I could hardly stand it.  I was never afraid. Not of giving birth.  Not of raising children. – maybe I just wasn’t bright enough to realize the hazards that could/would arise.  

I have often picked up family, friends, missionaries – whoever - from the airport. The excitement. The anticipation. It’s so exciting to be the one to meet the plane. Some people sit and wait patiently. Some pace back and forth. Others stand at the windows and look toward the sky. 

 Anticipation. Hope. Preparation. Coming. Arrival.

Now we are beginning the season of Advent. Of celebrating Jesus birth. His first coming into this world. Each year we have to search our hearts a little deeper, search our lives a little harder to make sure this celebration is not lost in the daily moment of living.

We must also remember this “season” we are now living in. The season between Jesus first coming and Jesus second coming. Christians are to be anticipating this second return of Jesus. When He returns for those who love Him. This preparation is often forgotten, too, in our daily moments of living. This morning in church our Pastor reminded us to live in anticipation of Jesus return for His people. - As if it will be tomorrow.

Celebrate His birth, anticipate His soon return.


Jesus came as a gift to us.

We should live our lives as a gift to Him.

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