Friday, December 6, 2013

On a Cold Winter’s Day!


     Baby, it’s cold outside!!
    I made a trip to the grocery store this morning and got the groceries for vegetable soup, chili and chicken and dumplings. I’m on a roll here… and Baby, it’s cold outside! – so I want comfort food to warm us on the inside! Plus, the added bonus – the house smells WONDERFUL!

   The Husband’s cousin Brenda from Searcy, Arkansas shared this recipe with us. We knew today was the perfect day to enjoy this Vegetable Soup.

Brenda’s Vegetable Soup

1 lb ground beef (I always use lean)
2 cans whole tomatoes ( I had diced in the cupboard so used those)
1 can green beans (I left these out because of the husband!)
1 can corn
1 can lima beans 
( I used butter beans. Lima Beans  $2.49 per can – Butter Beans .69!) 
5 potatoes
Salt and pepper to taste
I also added 2 beef bouillon cubes.

It smells so good that I had to taste it! Delicious! I’m simmering it throughout the afternoon.

Now, if we can just wait until dinner! 

I have a good book calling my name - so I am going to curl up in the comfy chair with a warm blanket and “Fatherless” by James Dobson.