Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Colvin Project at Cross Road Church:Part 1

Days 1 and 2:

For the past ten years our church has prepared boxes of food to send home with dozens of families in the Colvin Elementary area. This food helps provide families with food for the holidays while children are home from school.

This is my second year to be involved in this process and let me say, our church has this down to a fine art. I am so impressed by the organization and the many volunteers that show up. No one likes things organized correctly as much as me! and they have it organized better than I could ever imagine!

The planning and the shopping are a big part of this project and all of that is finished before the our work starts.

The food is ordered in advance – because of the quantity. Aldi Foods so graciously works with us in this major order.

One of our ladies in church is a realtor and she is able to get a truck for us to move the food.

This is all done before “Saturday.” Then on Saturday volunteers show up to tape boxes together, fold tissue paper, get Christmas cards ready and get the food ready to load in the boxes.

Two of the wonderful women that are the brains of this well oiled system! They are quick to say that many people have helped and it is through the effort of all that makes this go so smoothly each year. They also work with a committee.
Thank you Laiketa Brown and Joanne Swayze.

DSCN4732          DSCN4733
Ladies preparing Christmas Cards and folding tissue paper.

DSCN4722          DSCN4726

DSCN4729         DSCN4735


Putting the boxes together.

The stacks of boxes waiting to be loaded with food.

DSCN4718        DSCN4738

The Food.

DSCN4741         DSCN4742
The assembly line set up and ready to go for Sunday morning.

Taping the boxes together took about two hours.

We put together 350 boxes.

 A lot of work, but NOTHING beats the fun and fellowship!

Day 3 - tomorrow.

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