Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Slow Cooking

"Pots such as this were designed to be hung directly over an open fire. This was for a time when all the cooking and heating of a house was done over the same fire. Food cooked in this way, like cooking over a camp fire, could take up the smell from the smoke and give it a very particular taste. Cooking pots and kettles made of cast iron came from factories where iron was poured into moulds the shape of the cooking utensil needed."

Slow cooking has been around for a very long time but in the 70's the "crock pot" made it's appearance. It actually started out as a "beanery" created by the Naxon Utilities Corp. Rival purchased Naxon and had their on staff cooks see what they could do with a "beanery." They soon discovered this "beanery" was good for much more than beans.

I love using a crock pot. It's easy, and now that you can purchase them with removable stoneware lining, clean up is a breeze.

When I became single again a few years ago, I found a small crock pot to use for 1 or 2 people! LOVED IT! It holds 6 cups of water. ( I just measured because I couldn't find a size on it!) 

This is my small crock pot purchased for $14.?? at W**m*rt.

 Now with 3 of us, I'm using this one, which is much larger:

I'm not advertising any particular brand. The first one, I bought because it was cheap and where else is there to shop in Enid? This one, I inherited when I moved here!!  I really like both of them.

Crock pot cooking is GREAT in the summer because you don't have to heat up your house for a good meal.

Crock pot cooking is GREAT in the winter because it just lends itself to delicious stews and soups to warm you up.

It's a year round kitchen appliance! 

Since I have committed to doing 31 meals of Crock Pot cooking, 
tell me if you like slow cooking.

What's your favorite Crock Pot meal? 
(I beg of you, please, share your recipes! I need more ideas!!)




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  1. Not much help with that one.
    All I ever cook in ours in roasts...I know, I'm unimaginative. I'm really a top of the stove cook myself.