Sunday, November 2, 2014

Technology Today

 I realized that I was going to have to put my phone down. Literally. It was a mess. After three years of being my constant companion I was going to have to say good bye.  My navigation wasn’t working correctly.  Calls were only okay. Lot’s of them dropped. But to be quite honest, I never know if that’s my phone or the service. BUT – if you’re like me, I didn’t want to part with $$$.

I started reminiscing. 

         This is the first phone I   remember. It hung on the wall in the kitchen of our old farmhouse. It was a party line – which was always interesting. When someone called our house it was two short rings and one long ring. Everyone on the party line had a different ring. So, we always knew who was getting a call. Yes, you could listen in on everyone’s phone calls. – I learned early on, they could listen to mine, too! And every single one of our neighbors did not hesitate to call my Mom if they thought I was using the phone inappropriately. This is the phone we used until I was 10 years old.

We moved across the field  from the old farmhouse to a “new” ranch style house. We not only moved – but we moved up to a new phone.

f telephone

This black beauty was our move up. Now, I’m really only showing you these pictures for one reason. To let you know that my Dad and Mom still used this phone until about eight years ago. It was still the property of the Phone Company because they used to provide you with phones instead of you buying one. My parents used this phone for over 40 years. They hated giving it up.

40+ years. I was feeling so lucky that my smart phone had lasted three!

Life is so different in the tech age. I know “we” say that a lot. – those of us from the ages before the tech age. But it really really was so very different.

But now, I have a new phone and I can find where I’m going again. I literally HAVE to HAVE that navigation system… Otherwise I amble around like I don’t know where I’m going. – ‘cause I really don’t!!


Here is a picture of my new navigational system.

Oh, I mean my smart phone!!

I didn’t say life is worse today. And I don’t always call them “the good ole days” I just said it was different! I love my phone that doesn’t hang on the wall and can tell me where to turn! – and mostly I love that it can reroute!!!

What do you like best about the “technology age?”

What do you miss most about the “good ole days?”


  1. I miss kids being able to roam around town on their bikes, by themselves, all day and their parents (our parents) not having to worry about them being safe. I also miss the innocence of children. I seems like nowadays kids lose their innocence far to early, practically skipping childhood. It breaks my heart.
    What I like best about the technology age is how easy it is to keep in contact with family who live far away from me AND how easy it is to get to information about anything at all. You're right, there are good things and bad things about both. I think its hilarious when I catch myself saying things like, "When I was groaning up…." as if it was decades past. Oops….I guess it was. Oh well, it has been a great journey and we are not at the end of it yet.

  2. Ha ha! I meant ..growing up… hysterical stuff, commenting.

  3. It was often "groaning" rather than growing!! I miss the innocence too. That was the very best part of our past.