Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What Stops the Creativity?


What causes writer’s block?

What causes artist’s block?

I guess everyone suffers from a “block” of something at some time or other.

My writer’s block started several months ago. Oh, I think up a GREAT blog idea and compose 1 or 2 sentences in my head but when I get in front of my computer BABAM – it’s gone.

My high school friend, Louanne is an artist and she gets the “block” too.

What is it that stops the creativity? I mean really, I’m 61 years old and I know I have tons of more stories in me than I’ve written. More advice, more should’a, could’a, would’a’s, just more of everything.

Here are some ideas of what I think can cause me to stop writing.
  1. I’m a Christian, if I don’t prepare myself with prayer and listening to that still small voice, I don’t have anything to say.
  2. Time. I put too many other activities before blogging.
  3. Coming up with content that is actually worth reading.
  4. Distractions. I let life get in the way too often.
  5. Becoming too critical of what I’ve written so I just never publish.
  6. Letting the criticism of others become too important to me.
  7. Procrastination.

What do you think?

What causes you to have writer’s block?
-or a block of any of your talents?


  1. I get that too. Sometimes I sit down to write and nothing happens. I get impatient and soon get up and do something else. I have heard it said that it helps to write at the same time every day…so your mind gets in the habit of being creative at that time. I haven't been good at that lately but I did for awhile and I do think it helped. I too sometimes think what I blog has to be wonderful, wise and fun. It doesn't. I stop and ask myself: why am I blogging? To keep in touch with friends and family and to share my thoughts with others.
    Not many people read my blog except friends and family and that's okay.
    Am I trying to be a stupendous writer? No. I need to quit worrying about that and just write what speaks to my heart or what I see in this life as wonderful and precious.
    Do I like to read your blog, my friend in Wichita? Yes I do and have been missing it. You will start in again. I love the things you write about and you write very, very well. Don't quit. Make a time and space and let God speak to your spirit about what to write. It doesn't have to be long. Just write. I'll read it and applaud.

    1. What a great encourager you are, Debra. I miss you. - Thank you for your kind words. I am sure it will come back to me. Love reading yours.