Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ready, Set, Snap– Saturday

20141109_101122          20141109_103422
                           Me                              @church

My glasses. Which are a BIG part of me…

Cooking (2)                  20141114_222941
                                        Cooking                               curlygirl

I’m doing “Ready, Set, Snap" to learn more about my pictures. Not just taking them but what to do with them.

About Me Collage
The first collage I did. I used PicMonkey.

All about me 2
The second one.

All about me 3
Playing with different embellishments
Plus, I now realize I should have used a darker background to frame the pictures

I actually used this one on my “about me” page here on my blog.



  1. I like em, especially the added heart for you and your sweetie.

    1. Thank you, Debra! Andru helped me with the picmonkey!

  2. See, isn't this fun, Brenda? One nice thing about learning to take self-portraits (besides just not feeling so squeamish with the camera pointed at ME) is that you have all these nice photos of yourself to use in blog posts and so on! You are one cute lady, by the way. I love your collages! I did mine last week on fotor, I think. I'll have to try out picmonkey next time.

    1. It has been a challenge! But Thank You!!