Friday, November 21, 2014

One Step Forward, Two Back in Bible Journaling


I’m still experimenting – to see what I like and don’t like before my journaling Bible gets here.

On this page I used a stamp, colored the trees with colored pencils, used some stickers for the letters, and gelatos for the two sets of words.

I’m not crazy about the sticker letters, I think I would like it better if I had lettered them.

And, I realized I wrote with the wrong ink pen and the gelatos smeared the ink a bit. I do have the correct pens – just forgot about them.

Also, the sermon I was going off of was so rich with information, I may redo this one and change it up some. But, I do like the idea of being in an orchard when the fruit of the spirit is evident in my life. When I have sin in my life, it’s stepping outside of the orchard.

Only one step to take to move back into the orchard.

The sermon is Max Lucado’s “Immanuel, God In Us.” Anyway, I liked this sermon so much, I am going to use this concept in my Bible.


  1. Have you seen those colored pencils by Crayola that you brush with water after you color and they look like water colors? Abbey says her kids love them.

    1. I was thinking about getting some but had not heard how they work. Now that I have Abbey's review - I think I will get some! Thanks!