Sunday, January 26, 2014

Take Me Away to a Tropical Island!!

During these long winter months it is easy to dream of the green tropics, the warm sandy beaches, the sun on your face.

I had an opportunity to live on one of those beautiful tropical islands. It’s just as gorgeous as your imagination makes it. Green year round. Warm temperatures year round. Unbelievable for this girl from the Midwest.

Guess what I missed the most?

DSCN5344          DSCN5346

DSCN5341          DSCN5337

Well, maybe not the leafless trees, the brown of winter – but what this is the prelude to. The green of spring, the buds on the trees, bulbs pushing their life up through the warming soil. I missed having a dormant time before the bursting forth of beauty.

I missed the seasons. It really is true that you can’t take the “Midwest” out of the girl. :  )

Today is a respite in our Kansas weather. It’s beautiful outside so I went out with my camera to get some pictures. All I could see was brown. But I reminded myself how much I missed this when everything was green all year round. I missed the seasons.

Life is like the seasons. We all hit brown patches, some are browner than others, some are longer. But when we let God have control, the dormant time is overcome by the bursting of life from our soul. That’s what the seasons show us. That we are over-comers – we do survive the brown patches, and survive stronger than before.


  1. Terrific reminder to remember that this too shall pass! And to embrace the unseasonably warm days when they show yesterday.

    1. Exactly. Yesterday was beautiful - today Cold!! Life in the midwest!