Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bella Vista, Chapter 3

As a young mother in my 20's we started attending a brand new church, Oakwood Christian Church, in Enid, Oklahoma. This was 1978.  (You can learn about Oakwood H.E.R.E. ) This is where I formed my foundation in faith as an adult.  We  had many young couples in our church and this was an encouragement. It was during the beginning ministries of The Gaithers, Sandy Patty, James Dobson - many of the people that made ministry exciting for young couples because they were young couples. It was an exciting time for me because, although I had been raised in the church, this was my faith as an adult beginning to make a difference in my life and therefore in the lives of others.

Many of these friends I may never see again this side of heaven. I've learned that's okay because there is heaven. Every once in a while God doubly blesses us and we are able to make a re-connection with old friends. This happened to me just last week.

Terry and Carl Brown
about 1979
Cookson Hills Christian School

I was blessed in re-connecting with a beautiful Christian woman from those early years at Oakwood Christian Church. I had considered Terry one of my best friends but in going separate directions in separate different ministries, I had not seen her since 1990. Our relationship with Christ has stayed the center of each of our lives but God had sent us to different places.

 Terry Dinsmore and Brenda Cohorn

 I was encouraged by this re-connect. I was encouraged as I shared my story and as I listened to her story. We all have a story - it's finding our voice and letting God speak through us.

As I looked into her eyes as she shared her story, I was reminded of Esther and I thought, "God has put you in my life two different times for two different reasons. A friendship that makes many memories and a friend that brings encouragement."

When I contacted her that we were in her area - it was just a re-connect. A "let's get two old friends together" - forgetting for a moment that God is in all things.

He put Terry and her wonderful husband, Steve together with me and my wonderful husband Randy at the same table for dinner - for such a time as this.

God Bless Old Friends.

Steve and Terry Dinsmore

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