Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wet and Wild

"What good is church if you only attend one service, once a week?"

How is it possible to form a relationship with other believers if you only nod at them across the auditorium (sanctuary) on Sundays?

Well, this summer our church offered some opportunities to share in fun and fellowship outside the church building. Sharing in one another's lives. 

"Wet and Wild" was one such opportunity.

It was a GREAT evening. - 

The weather???

 Can you believe this weather - for August? It was perfect - well it was perfect for everyone who didn't get wet!! Those who got wet became a little chilly!!  

And speaking of chili -

We started with hotdogs!

And then the real fun began!

told you we had fun!

At the end of the evening there were drawings for wonderful prizes - 
gift certificates for Applebee's, for Orange Leaf and many more PLUS
one lucky young man won a Limo ride for the first day of school!!

But not everyone who wanted to win did....

: )


  1. Awesome pics Brenda! It was a great evening!