Monday, August 15, 2011

Yards and Plumbers

I've often bragged on my "yard boy." 
He takes great pride in the yard and we have a beautiful lawn. 

Last week we had the dreaded leak in the plumbing coming into our house...

When Randy called the plumber he specifically asked if any of the sprinkler system was damaged during repair, would the plumbers fix them. They said yes. We should have asked more questions!

First, they said they would be here Tuesday afternoon. After a few calls, they finally showed up on Thursday. 

I'm not sure.... but I think the young man that ran the back hoe was new at it! Not sure... just a guess...

 Yes, that's a flower pot behind the back hoe.. 
Randy walked out and moved it up by the house.

After he went from one end to the other - he started digging from the side which did bunches of damage to the beautiful yard. (yep, that's correct English!)

It's really kind of hard to tell in the pictures but they left the yard a MESS. PLUS - they left without checking the sprinkler system. - Well, actually Randy was checking it and they left before he finished. They also left a mess in the basement. Mud on the wall, the bowls they borrowed from me were left in Andru's room full of water.

So, Randy had to call them back to repair the sprinkler system.  He also talked to them about the holes they left in the yard, and asked if they were going to fill them in and tamp down the soil. 
Anyway, after some arguing, the "boss" agreed to come back this next Friday to do some repairs on the yard.

All in all, not a very good experience.  But - no more leak in the pipes.....

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  1. Grrrr. At least the leak is gone...