Sunday, August 7, 2011

Randy's Birthday!!

Black Forest Cake from Cheri's

We began the birthday celebration by having Eric, Michelle, Hunter and his girl friend, Kimmie over for dinner on Wednesday. (His birthday was Friday.)  We had such a nice evening talking and eating. 

(he really is happy about the cake!)

 Happy Birthday, Randy!!!

Then on Thursday nights we always go to Los Cocos for good food with good friends! Terry is the one that told them it's Randy's birthday!!!  Honest - it wasn't me! :) 

They sang him a song!
I needed Maricella  (one of my friends from Nichols Tag Agency) to translate,
because I didn't understand ANY of it!! 

It wasn't Michael's birthday, but he likes the hat. In fact, he may have worn it home!! (just kidding)

Pam and I didn't get in any pictures.
I was photographer &
Pam had just spent a week at  church camp and even though it wasn't intentional, 
she is probably glad no pictures were taken of her!! 
I remember those HOT HOT days of camp!
God Bless Pam! 
The hottest week of the summer and she was at camp....
Anyway, again, Happy Birthday, Randy!

Then Friday - his actual birthday!!

Friday night we went to The Mosley Street Melodrama with a group of friends.

We went to this last year and it was pretty good. 
You know, with the villain and the good guy saves the pretty girl. 
This year was quit different and  we were all disappointed. 
I wouldn't suggest this one at all.

But the food was GREAT and the company was GREATER!!

We really enjoyed being with friends and celebrating Randy's birthday - AGAIN!!
I guess the older you get - the more you get to celebrate!! :)

Love you Randy! and I hope you have many many more happy birthdays!!

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