Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January: birthday month

Flower that symbolizes being born in the month of January.

The Snowdrop isn't nearly as well known or heard of as the Carnation, but it symbolizes being born in the month of January.  A fun fact about the Snowdrop is that in 1983 it was suggested that the magical herb "moly" from Homer's Odyssey is really a snowdrop. Galantamine  which is an active substance in a Snowdrop could act as an antidote to poison. Today galantamine is used to help treat patients with Alzheimer's disease.

January is my birth month. This year I will be 58. Sometimes I think "you gotta be kidding me..." I can't be that old! Other times I feel every day of my 58 years! I remember when I turned 50 my mom said "how old are you?" When I told her 50 she said, "Oh, you can't be that old, I'm barely that age myself!"

I'm going to spend my birthday month by telling the story of my life. hee hee. Promise it won't be that long and I'll just hit the high lights! But really my story begins with my mom.  As Truvy says in Steel Magnolia's "There's a story there."

But my lunch hour is over! So I will start it tonight!

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