Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Frozen Pipes

I have done such a good job this winter leaving my water on for just a trickle. My water pump is in the garage and if the wind is blowing or it gets very cold the pipes freeze. It happened last year and I promised myself I would be more careful this winter. And I have been.

Until last night.... I came home, was doing things in the kitchen, you know just piddling as I have a tendency to do. So while piddling - I turned the water off.

Then I took such a luxurious bath. Had wonderful bubbles from Bath and Body works! The water was just the right temperature - and that isn't always easy at my house but that makes for another story.

I was so relaxed, cozy, toasty, and curled up on the couch with a soft old quilt to watch a TV show with Randy. - No, he wasn't here but we like to watch the same show and text back and forth. 

ANYWAY - was sleepy so went to bed early. DID NOT even think to turn the water back on to the trickle.... So----

Today my pipes are frozen.... 
I make myself so irritated...


  1. This is just helping you say adios to that little house in the country. Soon you will living in that mansion in Wichita with your sweetheart and won't ever have to worry with frozen pipes again, or cars that won't start or weird sounds in the night that scare you death (that is my story of the day).

  2. hmmm that must be genetic then :) tim forgot ours and we had frozen pipes too! i ALWAYS remember...ha. yep im perfect...this is where you are rolling your eyes...ours finally thawed this afternoon so come on over if you need a shower :)