Wednesday, May 14, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

A few months ago when asked what my favorite thing to do is – I answered “Blogging.”

Then last month I hit a block. I can’t seem to think of anything to blog about and don’t even want to take the time to think of something. I do have several of the “blog challenges” printed out – just for ideas. They are good ideas, I just can’t seem to write.

What I have been doing that are a few of my favorite things:

We continue to host and lead our Life Group. One of my VERY favorite things!

I’ve been going to Ladies Bible Study at church. We did a study on Hebrews by Lisa Harper and I really enjoyed that.

I’ve continued with my trips to Oklahoma to visit my parents – and every few months throw in a visit to Jonathan in Weatherford.

We’ve planted more flowers in the back yard and I’ve been watching them grow! However the last few days have been refreshingly cool and not much growth has occurred.

I have read more. That may be part of the “problem.” Last year I didn’t read as much but I wrote more. I have a hard time disciplining myself for both. Need to work on that.

We also continue our Thursday and Friday Sale-ing. We have so much fun doing that!

And on and on. Just my regular life giving me everyday excuses not to write.

I’ll hang in there.

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  1. I sometimes run up against that obstacle too. I think it's normal and healthy to stop and spend more time reading or traveling or whatever, it gives us new ideas. How about visiting interesting small, local business in your area once every couple of weeks (restaurants, local food, farmers markets, cheese shops, book shops, etc… and doing a review for the Wichita area. Also, things for families with kids to do for fun during their summer vacations. I know my daughters are always on the hunt for new, interesting, possibly educational but not necessarily so things to do with their kids during the summer months. Ideas, ideas, ideas. Or… could just read more. That's always at the tipitty top of my list of fun things to do.