Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 1 of 31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 1: Self portrait and 6 random facts about yourself

January 2014 (1)

1. I was soooo shy as a child (still am sometimes) that when I would go to my piano recital’s I would never be able to go on stage to play. I would panic and always cry. I never did play in front of people.

2. My favorite activities in high school were Drama, working on the school newspaper and the yearbook. I was editor of the yearbook my senior year and my good friend Kris was my Co-editor. We Had So Much Fun!!!!

3. I am easily discouraged. If I want to accomplish something and don’t have Lot’s of positive encouragement – I never very seldom accomplish my goal.

4. I lived in a boarding house the summer between my junior and senior year of high school while attending Beauty College. My friend Cheryl and I shared a room. We had fun but now as I look back on those 3 months, I realize how young we actually were. (I am now 61 - so you know that was a few years back!)

5. When the husband and I first got married, it took me several months to make myself at home. It was such a huge adjustment for me. Another town, another house, another man!!! I was in culture shock. But he was so kind and so easy going about everything. It wasn’t long until I was comfortable.

6. I ran the 5K in the Oklahoma Memorial Run in 2009 with my friend Kelly. That was an experience I greatly enjoyed and will never forget it!


  1. that is not a self-portrait. That is a self-portrait of the camera. Just saying'…..

    1. :) my arms aren't long enough for a selfie!!