Friday, May 16, 2014

Some New and Not So New Things.

I have wanted a Hoosier Cabinet since 1973. There was just never a “right” time to search for one and to buy one. A few months ago, the Husband and I saw one at an Estate Sale and put a bid on it – it wasn’t in the best of shape, we didn’t get the bid.

Since then I’ve done some research on them to be more familiar with what I wanted knowing we may run across another one some day.

Well, that day was last Thursday. We were at “Becky’s Estate Sale” and saw this one. I fell in love! The Husband was much more pleased with the condition so I talked with Becky and she made me a GREAT deal.

DSCN7129          DSCN7130

On the left are plates I got from my Grandma Doane and my Grandma Elsie. The turquoise plate and plate holder I purchased at “Paramount Antiques.” The hanger and items on the right I have purchased over the last couple of years from estate sales. I will continue looking for just the right items to finish filling it up.

DSCN7123          DSCN7134

This is now in the corner of our office. The Husband cut out the wood and I put the letters and numbers on them.  I have a picture for over my desk, given to me by my friend, Ellen, but need to get it framed.

Marrying at our age has been a wonderful experience. Merging all of our stuff has been an “experience!” But we are working it all out very well together and it has been F.U.N.


  1. That Hoosier cabinet is exactly what your kitchen area needed. It's perfect and I'm sure it makes you smile every time you see it. It 'feeds you'. I also love the scrabble letters in the office. You two are so crafty. I'm incredibly happy for you.

    1. Thank you! It has taken awhile but slowly, we are merging our two styles!! - actually, I'm adding my style to what was already here!! It's been a challenge. It's been FUN!!