Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Do You Keep Your Promises?

Do you keep your promises? Do you like for others to keep their promises? More importantly, do you want God to keep His promises?

I heard a pastor talk about God keeping His promises and He brought up a point that had really never crossed my mind. We want Him to keep His promises. He promised Jesus - and that is a promise we accept and love. He promised His believers eternal life - and that is a promise I get excited about.

A few of His promises:
  • He knows the plans He has for you and they are plans for good and not disaster.
  • If you are weary and burdened - He will give you rest.
  • He will supply all your needs.
  • He will give you peace.
I can go on and on.

He made promises that we are excited for Him to keep.

But the rest of the story is that God also made promises that aren't as exciting. 

  • He told Nahum to go to Nineveh - not to call the people to repentance but to inform them of their destruction. Which had been promised if they didn't turn from their wicked ways.
  • God told Jeremiah "Do NOT pray for the people because they have reached the point of no return. They will suffer." 
  • God had promised for 200 years if they didn't turn from their ways they would be destroyed. He kept His promise.
  • He promises judgement to all.

I keep remembering the promises that comfort me and give me peace. - Being aware of the ones that prove God is a just God and though He loves everyone - He will have us pay the consequences for our sins.

It's a shame we aren't teaching future generations to accept the responsibility of their actions because that is a Biblical truth that we all must adhere to. - Accepting responsibility for our actions. And whether now or later, all will be held accountable. God promises that.

God makes promises that sound good to us - God makes promises that don't sound so good. We have a tendency to ignore those. 

In today's world we often hear "God is a God of love - He would never send anyone to hell - or make a country suffer." God is a God of love. God is also a jealous God. He is a just God. God is patient  but God will not be mocked.

So, I do count on God's promises. In doing so, I must believe all of His promises. Whether they make me feel good or not. Whether they are politically correct or not. God's word is just that - God's word.  

So, I said all that to really say this - 

God keeps His promises.

All of them.

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