Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blog Postings

As I go throughout each day, 
I write blogs in my mind.
 I always sound so eloquent and delightful.
 I really amaze myself with my wisdom, my wit. 

Sometimes I get on a soap box and by the time I'm finished
 everyone in the world has come around to my way of thinking!

I go on and on about my grandchildren. 
The good and the bad. 
The lovely and unlovely.

I go on and on about my children.
 The good and the bad.
 The lovely and unlovely.

I've composed many a sermon!
many workshops!

I make you cry and laugh at the same time with my eloquence!

I've written many Bible Studies.
(I love writing Bible Studies.)

So then, when I have a minute,
I run to the computer, set down
go to blog spot.....

and look at the blank screen 
thinking only of what I "should" be doing...

so, I continue on with my day -
thinking of the next subject I will  'not' write about!

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