Monday, December 5, 2016

The Sexiest Man Alive

According to People Magazine Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the Sexiest Man Alive! – in 2016.
Sexiest Man

I was in Barnes and Noble Christmas shopping the week this hit the stands. (Sorry, Josie, didn’t buy any books for you!! I can’t keep up with what you’ve read!)

Anyway, I’m one of those customers who read the covers of everything that is in the check out lines! So, when I noticed this edition of People I thought to myself “He is nice to look at!” Smile

Then my thoughts continued -  0f course they did, you’re thinking!!

We all know – or I hope we all know, once we’ve reached a certain age – for some it’s much younger than others – but we have an understanding that the package doesn’t always tell us  what’s inside.

The Sexiest Man Alive?? I think my idea of sexy and People’s idea of sexy may be two different things.

(I apologize to my readers who are uncomfortable with my use of the word sexy)

For me:

The sexiest man alive is the man who makes me laugh. The man who cares for me and is not ashamed to let others see it.

A sexy man is a man who loves God and follows Him first and unconditionally.

He’s the man who works beside me in our church and volunteers with me, we serve together.

He is caring and kind.

He is a man of integrity and high moral standards without being judgmental.

He is a man who makes me feel good about myself.

He is sexy because he lets me show him how much I care for him.

He is sure of who he is and loves life.

The sexiest man alive has absolutely nothing to do with how he looks, really. Because if he is all these characteristics  – he is the most handsome man there is! or as People states it – “The Sexiest Man” – to me!

Disclaimer: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson actually may be all these things – if so, Kudos to him – then he really is the sexiest man alive – to his wife!!

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