Thursday, July 2, 2015

Written on April 3, 2015

From my journal on April 3rd
Two weeks ago the love of my life went to be with Jesus.
My beloved husband, Randy Cohorn.
I had him in my life for five years. As my husband for four.
My chest hurts so badly – I can hardly breathe.
He was on this earth too short of time and he was definitely my husband for too short of a time.
I don’t know how this happened. I have no idea why God took him.
I feel as if I can’t function with out him by my side.
I am so very very thankful he was sure of his salvation.  I could see his salvation worked out in his life every day that I knew him.
We were looking forward to many more years together.
I’m scared. I’m hurting and I just want it all to go away.
God is my refuge, He is my strength.
God gives me peace.
He will give me wisdom to carry on.

God, give Randy a hug for me. Reassure him we are leaning on you. Thank you, Amen

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  1. I know that screaming emptiness that sits within you. You are still held lovingly in Randy's heart and he is watching over you from the other side. When you are overwhelmed with decisions and choices, be still and wait for the silent nudge that will be from him and God. They will help you.