Thursday, July 9, 2015

Learning New Life Lessons

During Spring Break the big kids came to visit. Randy was going into hospital later that week so we kept them busy.

We did some fun things – went to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson and we also did yard work. They helped us put mulch in the back flower beds.

Teens spreading mulch
  Jo washing windows

       Josie washing windows.


Learning to mow to Papa’s specifications!! 
mowing       The Husband, 2

 That was only the introduction! Now let me tell what I came here to write:

I knew I would be mowing once in a while after Randy died.  Michelle has mowed, Heather has mowed, Andru has mowed.

Last week it needed to be mowed. Andru wasn’t here. I’m an adult. How hard can it be, right? – just to let those of you know – I HAVE mowed before. But with a riding mower. I had many acres to mow before Wichita!

So I mowed. My yard is slanted. Uphill or downhill? depends on which way I was pushing that mower! BUT….


After taking about 4 trips uphill (both ways?) I had to stop to empty the grass and I was thinking “there is NO WAY I will be able to mow this whole yard without PAIN!”

Then, as I was getting ready to start mowing again – after whining for awhile – I thought, “hmmm, I wonder what this lever does.” I pulled it up and low and behold my mower took off without me pushing it….

It was done in no time with minimal effort on my part!!

A new life lesson….


  1. yep, there is much to learn as we take over the jobs that were always done by our husbands. Be careful not to do things that you are not physically able to handle. You have Andru to be your muscle. I have hurt myself many times since Danny died, trying to do things I had no muscle to do. Lots of lessons to learn. My advice for bigger jobs, things Andru can't do or doesn't have the time or expertise to do: hire it done. Pour some money back into the economy. (And have Andru watch so he will learn that thing for later. :)

  2. LOL!!! What a wonderful story. I am so glad you have a mower that does that - saves you some pain. I did some work with my husband this weekend and I about died! My bones and muscles ache! I love the cosmosphere! Only been there once but would love to return.

    1. That was my 2nd trip to the cosmosphere! The last one was 1988!! A good time was had by all!