Friday, June 6, 2014

Do You Like Your Name?

Brenda Kay.

I’ve never really hated my name. I’ve never really loved my name.

One time as a pre teen, I asked my Mom “Why” she named me Brenda – I was going through a phase of really not liking my name. She told me that they had chosen Denise or Brenda and they finally decided on Brenda. Of course, at the time I thought Denise was a much better name for me! (the grass is always greener concept!)

Interestingly, I’m often called Barbara. Especially as an adult. I guess I look like a Barbara.

So my name has always been just that. My name. In my mind, nothing special – just my name.

Over the years I have become Mom, Grammy, Mammy and once in a while Grams.

The husband calls me Honey, Babe, – many terms of endearment but mostly these two.


When he says “Brenda.”


“I love you.”

At that moment, I have the most beautiful name in the world.

Randy and Brenda

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  1. Great stuff. I'll admit, that's what I miss the most.