Monday, June 16, 2014

Toilet Paper

I’m sure many of you have toilet paper in your bathroom. It has become a necessity in our world. – Thank heavens! Much better than those old Sears and Roebuck Catalogs!

Most of us, have functional or maybe even attractive ways to display this needed tissue.

Mine is a functional display. Very practical.

Isn’t this little just the CUTEST girl you have ever seen??? Don’t you just want to pinch those sweet cheeks?

(trust me this all works into the same story - 
hang in there with me)

The last time this cutie visited me, she decided to make things “easier” for everyone here.

Alyssa vs TP (2)

Well, maybe easier isn’t the correct description. But… Still, it’s pretty cute.

Why don’t Daddy’s and Mommy’s think actions are as funny as Mammy’s and Papa’s do???

- Cause I thought this was pretty darn funny!


  1. I think so too! Adorable! But I can just hear my daughter getting mad at her sons if they did this. What's wrong with our kids? Sigh

  2. That's so sweet and funny. What a darling little girl!