Monday, June 3, 2013

Hey, A Girl Needs Her Private Time!

No matter your age, having some alone time is always a necessity.

Let me set this story up for you...

Garage Sale week my oldest daughter and her two girls came to help and to sell outgrown kids toys, clothes and all kinds of useful stuff.

A full week with these girls is more than F.U.N.

We spent much of the first evening out in the playhouse.

At one point, they were running around the yard and I 
noticed the youngest went to the playhouse and went inside.

So, I quietly went down to snap some pictures.

She went inside and sat down.

She noticed me,

Stood up -

and shut the door!


  1. I KNOW, Michelle!!! She is such an individual! One of the funniest 2 year olds I have ever been around.

  2. Love it! Aren't you glad that she seeks out time for herself and isn't dependent on others all the time for her identity and joy. That will be important for the rest of her life. I love hearing about your precious grandkids.

  3. Debra, I know! She's starting out life with lessons that took me years to learn! I'm loving "Farm Camp"