Thursday, June 13, 2013

San Antonio

We made a short run to San Antonio. Mostly to enjoy the history there. I will admit, being married to someone who loves history works to my advantage. While touring The Alamo, I not only got to listen to their audio history but The Husband filled in many spaces they left out.

He's always quick to point out - at any historical place - "This is their version."  Which always (well often if not always) makes me think of my life and wishing once I'm gone my history could be told in "my version." I'm sure I would be correct more often, kinder than the truth and much much more slender!!!

We did the walking tour of the historical district and read the history of each house.

One of my favorite areas - the Market Place - 
had some great food for dinner there.

Loved the river ride.

My favorite part of the trip was - as always - 

getting home!

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