Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meal 13 - Slow Cooker Cooking

Our neighbor has been ill. What's worse, her husband is also ill and in the hospital. So they've had a houseful of company. Last week I made chicken and noodles and took over. This weekend I made a stew.

Doing the slow cooker challenge has caused me to try new recipes. - Usually we have the same meals over and over. So this is the stew I made this weekend.

(this recipe is what I would have made for just us, for taking over to neighbors and keeping some, I made more)

Package of stew meat
bag of new potatoes (these come in the small bags in the produce)
carrots ( just used what I had in the refrigerator)
onion (about half a medium onion)
1 packet dry ranch dressing mix
1 packet dry Italian Dressing mix
1 packet dry Brown Gravy mix 
Beef stock

I cut the potatoes into bite size chunks and put them into the bottom of the slow cooker
put the bite sized carrots on top of the potatoes
put the chopped onion over that
put the stew meat on the top

sprinkled over the top: 
1 packet dry ranch dressing mix 
1 packet dry Italian dressing mix
1 packet dry brown gravy mix
poured 2 cups water over this (I would have used beef stock but forgot I had it!)

Then before serving, I added 1/3 cup flour to beefstock to thicken - then added that to roast and stirred.

I'm sorry I usually don't use exact recipes and I combined a roast recipe with what I had on hand to make this.

It was very very good.

Randy gave it 5 stars
I gave it 5 stars
Andru wasn't here!

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