Friday, July 26, 2013

Bella Vista

We sent Andru off to CIY (church camp) and we headed to Bella Vista. Randy has spent MUCH time in that area - me - not so much. In fact other than stopping in at The Passion Play in the early '80's, I've not been there. So we enjoyed lots of site seeing and visiting with Randy's Aunt Leota and his cousin Rodney.

This is where we stayed.
The Greens - Escapes

Randy and Aunt Leota
Standing in front of the gorgeous log cabin his cousin, 
Rodney built outside of Eureka Springs.

We enjoyed Eureka Springs and The Passion Play

Although, we had to leave before it was over because it was pouring rain!
So, we missed the last 20 minutes!!

It was interesting watching the "Bible Characters" sell popcorn,
ice cream, sodas and water!!!

Bentonville, the home of Sam Walton's dream 
the coolest basketball goal, EVER!!!

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