Sunday, October 7, 2012

Timothy Gottschall Larsen

Yesterday, October 6th, my oldest son Timothy, turned 34. He was my third child, my first son. He was named after a friend of his Dad's and his middle name, Gottschall is his Grandma Larsen's maiden name. He was a rolly polly little baby and his sisters loved hugging and kissing him.

Tim has always made me laugh. He's always been "different" - a good different and has always been funny. By different I mean he never "went along with the crowd." He was always an independent soul. 

When he was young, he asked if he could be baptized. His Dad thought he should wait a little while because he was so young. One evening after taking his bath, he came into the living room where I was and said,"Mom, you don't have to worry about baptizing me anymore, I knew all the right words so I just did it myself in the bathtub."   He also decided at an early age that if Adam and Eve hadn't sinned, he wouldn't have to go to school. He always kept me on my toes.

The one on the left is Tim getting ready to go pick up his date for his junior prom. The other guy is his friend Joe. Joe's mom and I didn't have patterns to make the kilts - we just made them to the specifications of the guys! good times!

I have enjoyed this guy from the day he was born! There were times I was concerned about the decisions he was making - but I have never been concerned about him as a person. He has always been a great son. 

After 9 11 he made the decision to join the Army. He became a member of the 82nd Airborne and I was very proud of him. He served our country for 8 years and he did it very well. He earned a bronze star and was also very well respected while serving. I received a letter from one of his commanding officers telling me what a good job he was doing and how respected he was.

He's dealt with much adversity. Not of his own making but of others. I've been very proud of the way he has handled himself and protected his family. 

He does his best at being a good husband and a good Dad.  He's a hard worker, very creative - and he still makes me laugh!

 Happy Birthday, Tim! 

I'm very proud of the man you've become!

God bless you in all you do.

(PS - didn't get your card mailed... Will give it to you next weekend!)

: )


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