Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jonathan Robert Larsen

 Uncle Jay

 Uncle Jay

When I was 32 years old, I had 3 children. Heather, Holly and Timothy. My father-in-law had told me for years "You should not have an odd amount of children. It's too hard to pair them up when you go places." Well, we really didn't care at that point, we had our 3, they were 12, 10 and 8. That was it for us...

But God had a better idea. He brought this sweet baby into our lives. Jonathan, you had 5 people who loved on you all the time and a whole church of people who loved you. You were the easiest baby I had ever had!! (I loved them all, they were typical babies, but you weren't! Probably because you were entertained 24/7 by the other 3)

You were always laid back and easy going. - still are to this day. You always go with the flow. We moved you from Wichita to Enid, to Jamaica, to the Panhandle of Oklahoma and then when you were in 4th grade we settled you in Ringwood.

You really never gave me a minutes worth of trouble. Well, maybe that one time when you were a teen! : )  But I promised I wouldn't talk about that!!!!

I used to say that you kept me young! You used to say that I was the oldest mom in your class!! I can honestly say that you have blessed me above and beyond what I ever expected when I got the surprise of my life and found out I was going to have ANOTHER baby!!!!

Happy 26th Birthday to my youngest son. Jonathan, you have made my life richer, you have made me a better person and you were a gift from God that I am so very thankful for. You were my rock when you were much too young to have that responsibility and I love you.

I've loved watching you run track and play basketball. I'm so very proud of you and the direction you are taking your life. You amaze me.

Thank you for being a GREAT son.

HaPpY bIrThDaY!

You are LOVED!!! 

P.S. I didn't get your card mailed!! Will mail it the day AFTER your birthday. - It's my age......  : )

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  1. Isn't it amazing those babies we think will push us right over the brink end up being the ones who actually give us the strength not to jump. We've all seen it over and over again, the wondrous workings of the unseen power of the Spirit, leading and nudging us this way and that so we have what we need to walk the whole journey.