Friday, November 4, 2011

30 days of Thankfulness, Day 4

Day 4:

I am thankful that my parents are still alive and that they are still able to live on the family farm. I know it may not be long before other arrangements need to be made, but for now, they are content. My Dad is planting wheat this fall! Which is wonderful. He did have someone else cut his wheat, which was a good decision but a surprise to all of us.

My Mom, she doesn't do so well. I know it's hard on her that my brother and I both moved away in the same year. I do try to talk to her several times a week and so far have been able to go visit them once a month. - and my brother goes by to see them once or twice a week.

I pray these twilight years are easy for them.

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  1. I know they miss you but that they are also so glad that you are so happy there with Randy. You know that is all parents really want for their children. You know this. Even if it leaves them lonely for you. Look at your smiling face in the pic on this page. It must make them happy every time they see that shot. You are a good daughter, mother, sister, wife and friend. God is so fond of you and your life makes Him smile.