Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday evening

Well, this is the week that will change my life as I know it! It's been great, most of my kids are here, waiting on Tim, Shelley, Riley and Josie to come tomorrow evening. Having the house full of children and grandchildren has been wonderful. Randy and I had worked so hard to have everything ready for the wedding by last week so that this week we could just enjoy family. WELL..... it's a very good thing we did because by Tuesday noon I was suffering from a "flu". I have a habit of calling many things the flu. Not sure that's what it was, but this evening is the first meal I've eaten and I only ate a bit. So, feel like this bug has left and I am now on my way to mending! Whew!!

Everything is ready.
 I am amazed at the way God has blessed me with this man!

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