Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back To School Season

Today is the first day of school for USD 259 in Wichita.

All over the city young people are headed back to their education and parent’s are jumping up and down with excitement!

The routine that comes with “back to school” always seems to calm nerves and helps me settle back in to a day by day schedule that keeps me motivated to complete tasks. During the summer I procrastinate on a daily basis thinking summer will last forever this time.

It never does. And I always begin September with all the little (?) jobs I had intended on doing during the dog days of summer.

Every year I think “not this summer, this summer I will get it ALL done.” Then – it’s mid-August and BAM… Lot’s to finish up.

But today – being the first day back into our routine – I plan on meandering the back yard, maybe even taking a short nap! and just enjoying this day… (pretty much like every other day of the summer!!)

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