Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Old House

My Old House

In April of 1996, a church in Lahoma, Oklahoma decided to build their Pastor a new home. The old parsonage had been hit by a big hail storm. They sold it at auction.  We bought this house for $7500. It had been built in 1952.

We hired one of my school mates from OBA, John Martens, to move the house. Moving the house cost more than the house did! 

I've called this house my home since 1996. Now, to some of you, that probably doesn't seem like that's really very long to have lived in a house but for a woman who has lived in parsonages all her adult life - this is phenomenal!

I've hated many things about this house! I've loved many things about this house! But now that I'm moving I'm nostalgic about leaving it. Anytime you look at the past there are so many good memories - and there were many made in this house. 

I've refinished all the hard wood floors myself. Painted all the rooms, - and used COLORS! (parsonages ALWAYS have white walls!) (that may be an exaggeration :) ! )

My three oldest children got married while I've lived here. Three of my four grandchildren were born while I've lived here. Jonathan won his gold medal at the State Track Meet. - He's also dated some very great girls and brought them here to this house. Many wonderful memories.

Also many sad times within these walls but you know what? Sadness and conflict make us stronger and if we let them - they teach us how to be happier.  I'm happy. I'm content. I'm glad I have so many good memories. I'm especially glad I'll have many more wonderful memories in a new house with a new husband - knowing my kids just go where my heart goes.


  1. I'm sad too that you're moving away. It's going to be strange to not have a place to stay if we visit Enid in the future. But I'm glad you're happy and content and we all know that the house you live in isn't really home. Home is very much where one's heart is and yours has already moved to Wichita. =)

  2. Have you found someone to rent the house to? Seems like there are always people looking for 'a place in the country'. You've been pretty quiet lately on this blog. Is everything okay?